[OSM-talk] Final results "lost mappers" task force

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Thu Aug 2 16:34:18 BST 2012

As some may remember from mid-February 2012 to essentially up to the
redaction bot started running, the LWG undertook to get in contact with
largest remaining non-responders that hadn't accepted the new
contributor terms.

We worked through two lists of roughly 1000 contributors each. The first
list containing (nearly) all non-responders that had created at least
100 highways, the smallest  being around place 20'000 in overall
contributor ranking. The second list expanded the coverage down to the
mark of 40 created highways (which corresponded roughly to rank 30'000).
For both lists we had access to the e-mail address configured in the
mappers profile, the data was made available under a confidentiality
agreement and will now be destroyed.

A further note: by February all of the accounts in the list had had at
least two e-mails asking them to agree sent to the address configured in
the account, the 2nd mail in their local language for the overwhelming
majority of all mappers.

>From an original 1014 contributors in the first group a total of 495
agreed, resulting in a nearly 50% success rate. Of the 2nd group of 959,
362 agreed, giving a success rate of 38%. There was naturally some
acceptances in both groups that weren't directly attributable to our
efforts, but the residual acceptance rate before we started was very
near zero and continued to be so after April the 1st up to a final
effort just before the bot ran.

I would like to thank everybody that helped in carrying this out, in
some cases going to extremes to get hold of the contributors in question.


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