[OSM-talk] OpenBuildingModels repository

Matthias uden at uni-heidelberg.de
Fri Aug 3 10:16:13 BST 2012

Hi all,

a first prototype of the OpenBuildingModels platform is finally online.
OpenBuildingModels aims to be a free-to-use online repository for 
architectural 3D building models. These models can be referenced in 
OpenStreetMap and are also displayed in the OSM-3D globe. However, the 
models can just as well be freely used for any other purpose (ODbL license).

Try it out yourself at http://openbuildingmodels.uni-hd.de!

More information can be found in the Wiki:

Please note that the platform is still in Beta stage. Any kind of 
feedback is welcome!

Best regards,
Matthias Uden

(Chair of GIScience, University of Heidelberg, Germany)

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