[OSM-talk] Re. OpenBuildingModels repository

Fabian Schmidt fschmidt at informatik.uni-leipzig.de
Mon Aug 6 17:42:12 BST 2012


Am 05.08.12 schrieb Frederik Ramm:

> On 03.08.2012 18:32, Alexander Zipf wrote:
>> Matthias mentioned in his answer that this is not planned yet, but in
>> fact I like this idea very much and certainly we would love to welcome
>> outside contributions.
> I think this is crucial for the success of the project.

it's not that crucial if the main focus is the collection of data. As long 
as the data is open and updatable and Tobias, Komяpa et al. accept the 
decision for VRML then this will be more important for the success as a 
repository, whoever will use it.


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