[OSM-talk] Ipatinga, Brazil, is gone

poppele at hm.edu poppele at hm.edu
Tue Aug 7 07:25:52 BST 2012

I used the remaining nodes to create some highways. You may have to split
them into smaller parts according to the real world. Its best to find a
local mapper to refine the highways.
I tagged the newly created highways as highway=unclassified, name=FIXME
with a note. Check them and remove the after checking.
I also deleted some highways (owner=redaction bot) which had no attributes
/ tags and used their nodes for new highways.
The aerial images from bing seems to be much different in various zoom
levels. Dont forget that big displacement when mapping.


PS: I sent this email as a new mail using the old subject, because I have
currently some troubles sending mail from my email client at home. Sorry.

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