[OSM-talk] Extended tagging schema - my thoughts

Peter Wendorff wendorff at uni-paderborn.de
Fri Aug 10 12:08:12 BST 2012

Am 10.08.2012 12:29, schrieb Andrew:
> Peter Wendorff <wendorff <at> uni-paderborn.de> writes:
>> one open question would be how to deal with units in this combination:
>> mph, m/h, km/h, and the usual errors mp/h, kmh, and so on, but I think
>> even that should be relatively easy to do, as the numbers are always the
>> last token before the separator (;), and if there's anything between
>> number and separator, that could be interpreted as a unit.
> Another alternative (assuming this kind of thing needs editor support anyway)
> is to convert units in the editor.
no, I don't think this is a good way, as then anybody has to deal with 
strange numbers that are different from on-the-ground.
I don't want to have numbers like 18,6411358 [mph] for a 30km/h limit in 
the database, and if we would start with that, it get's incredible ugly 
and difficult as soon as anybody starts rounding different.

On the other hand, if the britains would use SI units (that are afaik 
mostly metric), from my personal point of view that would be okay, but I 
don't think it's a useful approach.


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