[OSM-talk] Updated redaction oneway map

Toby Murray toby.murray at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 07:34:08 BST 2012

I just updated my "oneway" map that shows ways with a oneway tag but
without a highway tag that were last touched by the redaction bot. I
have been updating the tiles every couple of days but at the
suggestion of someone on IRC I just added bridge and lanes tags to the
list in addition to oneway. The world is rendered to z10, most of
europe to z11 and specific high density cities to z13. (Several places
in the US, Europe and Australia) If you want a specific area rendered
to a higher zoom, feel free to send me a bbox.

If you use these tiles as an imagery layer in JOSM as suggested at the
bottom of the page, be sure to flush your tile cache for that layer
every couple of days to pick up changes. (right click with this as the
only visible imagery layer and select the "Flush tile cache" option)

I can see the .osm file I render from shrinking every time I update so
progress is being made! It started at over 10 MB and was about ready
to go under 5 MB when I added the additional tags which put it back up
over 6.



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