[OSM-talk] Bulk Uploading GPX files on the OSM website

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(Copying to hot + dev because there are certainly many similar cases as I describe in "hot's regions" that would benefit more-than-average-places of more traces & dev as that's where the brains/skills to fix this problem are. Replies to dev only?)

I'll just +1 this post, its remarks and suggestions.

As a similarly positioned "tech savvy but not a coding-capable" person I can only hope that someone with dev capabilities would pick up on the task.

Another data point from behind bad connections of Haiti: I've been here now nearly two years and have caught myself uploading GPS traces only twice (en masse, a few other uploads of single tracks other than that).

This has been due to what Ben describes and looking at the bigger picture--a recent quick analysis I did of the GPS traces downloaded for all the territory of Haiti--I am tempted to guess that this "difficulty" of uploading GPS traces leaves many traces unuploaded, which is a clear loss to the project.

Why do I think so: 
a simple comparison of my Haiti GPS trace folder size with the size of all GPS traces for Haiti shows that I've uploaded almost half of the tad over 400mb of traces. Additionally the number of traces uploaded by someone else than me vs total (tagged with Haiti or haiti) is/was perhaps 40-50 (for the total history), iirc. .. And there have been hundreds of OSM contributors going around with GPSs here.

Now, it's most certain that the technical inconvenience of uploading is only a part of the problem. .. But it _is_ part of the problem...

I know that it's not a secret that the GPS trace functions of OSM both up- & downloading are not as developed as data editing, map renderings available, etc and since can't really fix this problem I can only hope that someone else will (one day).

Cheers from Haiti,

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