[OSM-talk] OSM-based community-maintained yelp-like project?

Matej Cepl mcepl at redhat.com
Wed Aug 22 22:15:56 BST 2012


I am currently on the holidays in Italy (whole review of using OSM will 
come when I come back), but one thing I really wonder about is whether 
there is some Yelp/Google Reviews community based equivalent. The first 
thing we came to the camp in the Italy, we have picked up Google Maps 
(in the Android phone) and asked for the nearest restaurants. We've 
found one, but I felt really sorry I cannot share my review of the 
restaurant with a community (I don't have Google+ account and I don't 
want to have one, which is a prerequisite for making reviews, moreover I 
don't want to provide my work for the advertising agency). Is there some 
project like Yelp/Google Reviews community-based and based on OSM, or at 
least plans to do something like that?


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