[OSM-talk] horrible job in gjilan,kosovo

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Thu Aug 23 10:43:18 BST 2012

Mike Dupont wrote:
> yes, and I am not contributing much as a mapper, in fact very little, but as a
> programmer and also my role in flossk for building up a community.

Mike ... Like you I did not like the change of licence when it was first put 
forward. And to a certain degree I still don't. But what has become clear 
through the exercise is that some data was imported without the proper 
'authority'. We are now expected to take more care for the information we 
provide, and if we can't put hand on heart and so 'There are no problems with 
this' then I think that removing material WAS the right approach even if it 
caused problems in some areas.

I took the time to remap material in my own area that was flagged as a problem, 
and also the 'should be ok' just in case, so stuff so that very little was lost. 
We had a couple of major contributors who rejected the new license, but actually 
tidying up that data produced a better map anyway. Cleansing the data like that 
was all we have been asked to do for the last year ... it was a pain and in some 
areas nobody bothered ... but I find now that there is a lot less confusion on 
just what is in the database.

I don't know why you had a problem, but IF there was stuff that was a problem 
then it needed to be removed anyway? So simply deleting anything you were not 
happy to consent to prior to accepting anything else was probably overdue 
anyway. There should probably have been a more fine grain way of accepting on 
some of our content only, but I think the work involved with adding that would 
probably have taken another couple of years? :(

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