[OSM-talk] custom mountain bike maps with mkgmap?

Lucas Nussbaum lucas at lucas-nussbaum.net
Thu Aug 30 16:29:39 BST 2012


I'm interested in building custom mtb-oriented maps using mkgmap (so
that I can create a small map of my area with additional "TO EXPLORE"
ways, based on past GPS traces.

I've looked at openmtbmap.org, but I am unable to follow the process
described on http://openmtbmap.org/tutorials/render-maps-mkgmap/:

- the style file is not provided anymore (I'm surprised it was not
  merged into mkgmap?), and provides some additional info (e.g. relying
  on the mtb:scale tag)

- some customizations seem to have been made to mkgmap. For example, in
  openmtbmap maps, the name of ways reflects the type of ways (grade1
  track => named "G1 TRK"). That is quite nice, but I could not find how
  to do that in mkgmap.

I've tried contacting Felix Hartmann (openmtbmap's author), but you need
to donate to get support, and he did not answer my private mail.
Overall, I find it a bit worrying that people rely on openmtbmap.org's
maps if Felix Hartmann is the only one able to generate those maps due
to the use of private patches.  What if he suddenly decided to charge an
insane amount for all maps downloads?

Has anyone else tried to create mtb maps using mkgmap?


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