[OSM-talk] Overpass API v0.7.1

Roland Olbricht roland.olbricht at gmx.de
Wed Dec 12 11:01:35 GMT 2012

Hello everybody,

A new version of Overpass API
is available. Please read
for details.

The most important thing is that this version accomodates 64-bit node ids. So 
the expected overflow over node id 2^31 in February 2013 will not harm 
Overpass API.

The second most import thing is that the fair usage policy needs a subtle 
adjustment. You don't need to do anything, the server helps you automatically 
to comply to the policy.

Some users (I assume a malformed JavaScript application) have sent a sequence 
of queries with very large bounding boxes within a few seconds. This used up 
all server ressources and harmed other users, and at the same time did not 
return useful results (due to oversize). A sample from the logfile:

[07/Dec/2012:20:41:20  0100] runtime: 181, return size: 341, query string: 
[07/Dec/2012:20:41:21  0100] runtime: 180, return size: 341, query string: 
[07/Dec/2012:20:41:22  0100] runtime: 180, query string: 

To avoid this, now queries from the same host (based on IP address) are 
serialized (executed one after another) and queries waiting for this reason 
for more than 15 seconds are rejected with HTTP code 429.

If you have sent a runaway query and therefore receive 429 for subsequent 
queries, you can cancel the runaway query with



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