[OSM-talk] House Numbers

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Dec 30 21:53:28 GMT 2012


    I've made a program that counts how many house numbers someone has 
added. It uses object history, so it should be able to correctly "award" 
the count to the person actually adding the addr:housenumber tag.

I don't yet know what will happen with this, but before I make further 
plans, here's the current list of all accounts that have added 
addresses, and how many:


It would be great if you could find your name on the list and do a quick 
sanity check in your head whether this looks right or not.

According to this list, 208 accounts have added more than 10k house 
numbers - if any one of them has actually surveyed that many houses they 
should be awarded a prize! A further ~ 1400 have done between 1k and 10k 
numbers, and ~ 4600 have done between 100 and 1k numbers.

It is quite possible that the program has bugs so if you notice 
something strange, do mention it.


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