[OSM-talk] Change in OSM Inspector License View/WTFE

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Feb 1 17:05:02 GMT 2012


    I have recently changed the OSMI license view to update more 
frequently. Most changes should now be visible within about 4 hours; the 
more complex analysis that finds out whether an object has been stripped 
of problematic contributions still takes about a day though.

I have also moved wtfe.gryph.de to another server where it is 
automatically synced with the OSMI database. If you find anything out of 
sync, let me know. Once every 4 hours there will be a very short 
downtime in the WTFE service (of maybe 5 seconds) while the database is 
exchanged for the new version, so if you get an error message when 
loading WTFE data, just retry.

I would also like to draw attention tho the "report" service that can 
give you a detailed breakdown of the assessment of a specific object, e.g.


This should answer the question of "why is something 

If you find anything strange with that, let me know too.

Finally, I am looking at ways to visualize relations on the OSMI view. 
If you have any ideas about that, feel free to suggest something.


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