[OSM-talk] Wind turbines no longer rendered on mapnik layer

Chris Hill osm at raggedred.net
Wed Feb 15 16:27:27 GMT 2012

On 15/02/12 16:06, Morten Kjeldgaard wrote:
> On 15/02/2012, at 10.46, Frederik Ramm wrote:
>> What's even more problematic is if people try to automatically change 
>> a large number of objects away from what they consider "deprecated" 
>> to some "new tagging scheme". This requires a much broader approval 
>> than a few votes cast on a wiki page that nobody reads; we expect any 
>> automated or even mechanical edit to be discussed on the mailing 
>> lists beforehand.
> I agree completely, see below
>> Morten, could you keep us posted about any replies you get from them. 
>> It would be preferable if the Netherlands community could deal with 
>> this but DWG will be happy to step in if there's a problem.
> I received the following reply at 10.14.44 GMT+01:00:
>> Hi mok0,
>> Thanks for the notice, and I'm currently submitting a changeset where 
>> everything with generator:source=wind also has power_source=wind 
>> specified as well.  Also, I'll take a look into the mapnik style 
>> sheet to see how this can be updated to remove the depreciated tags.
> ... and I answered thus:
>> That's great, thanks!
>> It is great if you fix bugs in the osm tags -- misspellings and such 
>> -- but you really should not remove tags that someone put there.
>> If tag removal is to be carried out, it is best to discuss it on the 
>> mailing list first, but in general, you never know if tags are being 
>> used by someone, so it's better just to leave them. They do no harm. 
>> If you are thinking of wasted storage space, think of the extra data 
>> you produce by generating a changeset plus new versions of all the 
>> objects...
> So, instead of reverting, the user has uploaded a new changeset with 
> the fixes.
I contacted him too and explained about mass edits and imports. The fact 
that he didn't revert his changesets and attempted to re-add the deleted 
tags is not great. I think he has ended up adding power_source tags to 
objects that didn't have it before.

How can we deter newbies from imports and mass edits? It seems he didn't 
know what he needed to know about prior discussion and agreement, he 
didn't know how to ask a wide enough audience, he didn't have the 
experience to know how to fix the mess he made, and he didn't understand 
the basics of OSM. This is not the first time. I can't blame people for 
not knowing, so how do we inform them, before they wade into problems?

Cheers, Chris
user: chillly

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