[OSM-talk] Editing help.openstreetmap.org / Question from Gnonthgol

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Feb 26 11:02:11 GMT 2012


    over on help.openstreetmap.org, user Gnonthgol has posted the
following in

> I have noticed that several personal opinions and discussions have
> been removed from this site. Is this an atempt to censor people or is
> there another reason? Deleting comments may show weakness of an
> indivitual who made such thing and can destabilize the community. Do
> we not have the freedom to express our own opninions?

I have replied, on help.openstreetmap.org, with the following, but would
encourage discussion on this mailing list rather than over on help:

> This is not a site for expressing opinions. Answers, and comments,
> should always be aimed at solving the problem at hand. Questions that
> solicit opinions instead of factual responses are off-topic (see FAQ
> link).
> I occasionally edit questions/answers or remove comments when they
> become too opinionated. For example, if someone writes: "Why does <x>
> happen? I think that those who allow this to happen are really
> stupid!" I would remove the "I think.." sentence. Or if someone
> comments an answer with "Your answer is really unhelpful and an
> example of the arrogant attitude of many people in this shitty
> project", I would remove that comment entirely. (If you a re unhappy
> with an answer you can vote it down, and arrogant/unhelpful answers
> will frequently be voted down by many people which is sufficient.)
> I also remove comments or even answers if they later turn out to be
> wrong ur unnecessary. For example, someone posts a question that
> lacks important information to give an answer; someone else comments
> "please explain what you mean with <x>", then the original questioner
> enhances his question - this makes the comment redundant and it
> should be removed.
> I also think that we should do more editing of answers by
> consolidating the answers given by multiple people into one "best"
> answer that will help anyone who looks up something in the future; if
> someone makes a helpful comment to an answer, and that answer can
> later be extended to include that comment, then the comment can be
> removed. This is easier for later readers. This medium is less
> helpful if the reader has to browse 25 answers to get the whole
> picture!
> I hope (and believe) that others edit help.openstreetmap.org in the
> same way I do.
> Discussion and expression of opinion shold happen on the forums and
> mailing lists. I agree with you that all members of our community
> should be entitled to expressing their opinion in an un-censored way
> but the medium for that is forums and mailing lists (orc IRC if you
> prefer). help.openstreetmap.org is for help, not for discussion.
> I suggest that we discuss this on the "talk" mailing list.


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