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Here is the final reply form USGS :D

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Subject:     Re: Fw: OrbView-3 free images?
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Hrvoje Bogner

Hello Hrvoje,

Thank you for contacting the USGS Earth Resources Observation and
Science (EROS) Center.

GeoEye's OrbView-3 satellite was amongst the world's first commercial
satellites to provide high-resolution imagery from space.

USGS EROS received approximately 180,000 OrbView-3 image "segments'. The
data that was delivered by GeoEye was a L1B "Basic Enhanced"
radiometrically corrected format.

It is now available to the general public for download at no charge from
the EarthExplorer site. http://earthexplorer.usgs.gov

Yes, it is public domain. There is no legal requirement for users to
acknowledge or credit USGS as the source for public domain information,
but they may wish to do so as a courtesy. If you wish to acknowledge or
credit USGS as an information source of data or products, use a line of
text as show below.

"*Data available from the U.S. Geological Survey*"

Please see this page for further information and details:

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Best regards,


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Subject:     Fw: OrbView-3 free images?



Please see the e-mail below.

We've been seeing the releases about Orbview-3, but weren't sure, since
it comes originally from a private commercial company, whether it was
actually public domain or not.

Karen Peterson
USGS Alaska Science Center
Science Information Services - Anchorage_

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01/10/2012 03:13 AM

To: askusgs at usgs.gov
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Subject: OrbView-3 free images?

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Customer: Hrvoje Bogner
Subject: OrbView-3 free images?
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I'm a member of OpenStreetMap community from Croatia. While surfing
I found an article abouth OrbView-3 becoming free: _http://is.gd/_QQ8A
Is that correct, and if yes, what exactly does that mean? Does that mean
free for downloading and viewing, or free for usage as a source? For us
it would mean the right to trace over those images and public those traces.
Searching your web I found _http://is.gd/z0h4Gm_and there is no mention
of OrbView-3 as commercial, but there states "Commercial vendor
licensing may restrict access to imagery, and license restrictions may
vary for each individual image. However, users have the option to
request license upgrades for imagery not currently licensed for their
Federal agency."
So the main question is: What is the licence of OrbView-3? Is it Public

Hrvoje Bogner

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