[OSM-talk] Request for Romano-British features

Russ Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Sat Jan 14 04:40:13 GMT 2012

Felix Hartmann writes:
 > The thing is - historic data that doesn't exist anymore is inappropriate 
 > because it is confusing for anyone contributing to OSM.

Yes and no. When you have buildings laid out in a rectangular grid,
but there are triangular bits cut out of them, that begs for an
explanation. When that explanation is a not-longer-present railroad, I
feel confident in adding it. That allows people to go on-site and find
other railroad artifacts, like rails still embedded in the street, or
buildings which still have railroad boxcar-spaced doors.

So in this particular context, as long as there is still evidence of
the Roman road, even if the road no longer exists as a right-of-way,
it makes sense to add it to OSM.

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