[OSM-talk] howto reverting one changeset?

SomeoneElse lists at mail.atownsend.org.uk
Tue Jan 17 11:48:05 GMT 2012

OK, done.  What I did was:

Check from looking at the changeset that at least some objects haven't 
been reverted or modified already.

Double-click on josm-tested.jar
(I used the one that I had from 2nd September 2011 since I know that 
worked last week)
Despite the prompt I didn't update JOSM or any plugins at this stage.

Download some data (any data) so that the history menu entry is not 
greyed out.

Click History / Revert Changeset
Fully revert / revert
Say "yes" to download objects

Upload data.
Review warnings - there's nothing iffy there, so I'll continue the upload.
Use changeset comment "Revert changeset 10333257 at the request of its 

Close JOSM
Then in OSM browse to original changeset and that check some of the data 
has been reverted.

What versions were you having a problem with and at what stage did JOSM 
lock up?


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