[OSM-talk] Spam in user diaries

David Earl david at frankieandshadow.com
Fri Jan 20 09:21:45 GMT 2012

On 20/01/2012 00:30, Tom Hughes wrote:
> On 19/01/12 19:08, Matthias Meißer wrote:
>> Hi, as our spam protection by trigger on people that mark a entry with
>> the words "spam" seem to work,
> Not sure what you're saying here, but if you think writing "spam" as a
> comment has some effect then you are very mistaken.
>> we get currently a lot of spam, that
>> seems to be send out via our twitter account anyway:
>> https://twitter.com/#!/osmblogs
> That twitter account is completely unofficial as far as I know. I have
> no idea who even runs it. The openstreetmap account is the official one.

I set up @osmblogs (long before @openstreetmap) as a simple 
transcription of the RSS feed. It's not an account I or anyone else is 
actively tweeting from, merely acting as a bridge between RSS and Twitter.

I guess you see the spam on it because it is actively transferring the 
feed fairly quickly. Similarly, you'll see most of the spam if you read 
the RSS feed directly. But if you read it on the web site, the spam will 
have been removed through Tom's diligence, except for the odd one he 
hasn't got to yet.

BTW, the response to 'why don't you do this' is so often 'why don't you 
do it yourself'. We're supposedly a 'do-ocracy', so since when was 
anything "official". That's a slap in the face for doing, isn't it?


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