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I would like to announce that I finally released v1.4.2 of my new, freely
available plugin "Leaflet Maps Marker" - Pin, organize & show your favorite
places through OpenStreetMap/WMTS, Google/KML, GeoJSON or Augmented-Reality
browsers which should finally solve all common install problems. For a demo
please visit http://www.mapsmarker.com/demo

The Leaflet Maps Marker WordPress Plugin allows you to

*	pin your favorites places with markers,
*	use integrated address search (Google Places API) for quickly
finding your places,
*	choose from up to 700 custom free map icons from Maps Icons
Collection <http://mapicons.nicolasmollet.com/> ,
*	add popup description text or images for each marker,
*	choose individual basemap, size and zoom level for each marker/layer
*	organize your markers in layers and
*	show them thanks to the Leaflet library from Cloudmade
*	by adding a shortcode to posts or pages
*	through OSM/OpenStreetMap, MapQuest, OGD Vienna Maps
*	or any custom WMTS-map 

to the visitors of your website.

Additional features

*	show directions for your locations using Google Maps,
yournavigation.org or openrouteservice.org
*	configure up to 10 WMS servers to display additional information
from external geodata providers (like the European Environment Agency) on
your maps
*	export your markers as KML file for displaying them in Google Earth
or Google Maps
*	export your markers as GeoJSON file for embedding them in external
websites or apps
*	export your markers as ARML for displaying them in the
augmented-reality browser from Wikitude
*	export your markers as csv-file
*	option to set WordPress roles (administrator, editor, author,
contributor) which are allowed to add/edit/delete markers and layers
*	option to add marker directly to posts or pages without saving them
to your database
*	audit log for changes on markers & layers (saving first created
by/on and last updated by/on info)
*	search within your marker list
*	option to reset plugin settings to defaults
*	option to change the default shortcode '[ mapsmarker...]'
*	dynamic preview of maps in backend (no need to reload)
*	WordPress Admin Bar integration to quickly access plugins features
(can be disabled)
*	"OGD Vienna selector": if a place within boundaries of
Vienna/Austria is chosen, OGD Vienna basemaps are automatically selected
*	integrated donation links <http://wordpress.org/support/donations>
to show your support for this plugin :-) 

Technical details

*	WordPress Multisite compatibility
*	full UTF8-support for cyrillic, chinese or other alphabets on
marker/layername and marker popup text
*	support for other languages through .po/.mo-files (please see
http://mapsmarker.com/languages for details if you want to contribute a new
*	GeoJSON feeds for every marker and layer with JSONP support
*	use of WordPress settings API for storing options
*	TinyMCE editor on backend for editing popuptext
*	version check for minimum WordPress (3.0) and PHP (5.2) requirements
*	use of prepared SQL statements to prevent SQL injections
*	use of WordPress nounces on forms to prevent attacks and input
*	use of custom function names and enque plugin scripts/css only on
plugin pages to prevent conflicts with other plugins
*	update functions implemented for smooth updates of the plugin
*	uninstall function to completely remove the plugin and its data
(also on WordPress Multisite installations) Please let me know which feature
you think is missing by adding your ideas at http://www.mapsmarker.com/ideas

Download latest version from WordPress-Plugin-Repository

I am looking forward to your feedback! 




Leaflet Maps Marker Plugin for Wordpress
Pin, organize & show your favorite places through OpenStreetMap/WMTS, Google
Maps/Earth (KML), GeoJSON or Augmented-Reality browsers

http://www.mapsmarker.com <http://www.mapsmarker.com/> 


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