[OSM-talk] Redaction progress

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Sun Jul 15 11:46:40 BST 2012

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The redaction bot has started on the 'Western Europe' area. Because 
continents are annoyingly not shaped like rectangles, this inevitably 
includes some overlap with North Africa etc. The UK is finishing off as 
we speak.

You can monitor its current location at a site set up by Harry:


As you'll see, the internal checks of the bot and the API occasionally 
throw up errors which cause a region (1 degree square) not to be fully 
processed. The coders working on the bot are tracking these failures 
down and fixing them as we go: if you'd like to help or find out more, 
they're in #osm-dev on IRC (irc.oftc.net). When a failure is fixed then 
the bot is rerun for that area.


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