[OSM-talk] OSMI license view: (experimental) relation display

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Mar 1 10:38:23 GMT 2012


    there's a new layer on the OSMI license view (color: cyan at the 
moment but unsure if that will stay). This layer is intended to 
highlight potential problems with relations. It analyses whether an 
object has been added to a relation by someone who has not agreed to the 
license (and therefore the object will have to be removed from the 
relation in the license change process).

Any node or way that participates in at least one such "endangered" 
relation membership is coloured cyan. The details view on OSMI (when 
clicking on the object) will not tell you what the problematic relation 
is - for that, you currently have to go the the details view on the OSM 
web site via the button provided.

This layer does not look at the relations themselves, just at the 
relation memberships; in the worst case, all relation memberships could 
have been added by agreeing users (therefore, no map highlighting) but 
the fact that this relation is bus route #1234 going to Uptown could 
have been added by a decliner and be lost.

So this is probably not the last word in relation highlighting but maybe 
something to work with at least for saving some hiking routes etc.

Let me know if you have ideas for improvements. I think the cyan is in 
danger of looking green when in the vicinity of yellow, so maybe I 
should simply use orange for these relation members as well, and perhaps 
a special kind of symbol/line type?


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