[OSM-talk] Nice problem to have

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Thu Mar 8 23:36:24 GMT 2012

* 3500 tiles per second. Seriously. In Grant's words on Twitter: 
"Massive jump in #OpenStreetMap traffic due 2 Apple news: t.co/nB4ffgYy 
Fighting fires 2 keep systems up"

* switch2osm.org fell over. Yep, so many people wanting to find out 
about switching to OpenStreetMap that WordPress crapped itself (ok, not 
the hardest target but hey ;) ).

* More contributors. We've had people come into IRC saying "I want to 
fix this park name, how do I do it?". Regular IRCers have been reporting 
a noticeably greater number of new editors in their areas. Or as someone 
just asked on IRC: "hmm did the apple fanbois drink the OSM koolaid and 
crash our servers with zealous mapping?"

* I think we've had a higher peak of publicity today than we've ever had 
- higher than the Foursquare switch even, or the Google vandalism 
incident. We've been Slashdotted; we're #6 on Hacker News. We've been on 
The Verge, Forbes, Wired, Ars, Gizmodo, and all the Mac sites - that's 
taking OSM to people who've not heard of us before. We might not be the 
front page of the New York Times yet, but we're getting there!

* And one of the best things has been that people like how we've handled 
it. From Forbes: "OpenStreetMap itself has been much more polite about 
the whole thing. 'It’s really positive for us,' OSM founder Steve Coast 
told Talking Points Memo, 'It’s great to see more people in the industry 
using OSM. We do have concerns that there wasn’t attribution.'."
     From a comment at Hacker News: "While I think it's quite messed up 
that a company as rich as Apple can't abide putting credits for people 
who have put some really good work in (I've even made small updates to 
OSM in my time) I do think that this is a very classy move by the OSM 
people, no ranting blog post or 'Apple stole our stuff', welcoming 
people presents a much better image of the project."
     Or The Verge: "Granted, OSM took this as an opportunity to get in 
the public eye by piggybacking on the iPad’s media fanfare; I applaud 
them for their maturity in their statement though. Many companies 
would’ve latched onto this and unleashed the lawyers threatening this 
and that, but they chose to be civil, point out the missing 
attributions, and say they are ‘we look forward to working with Apple to 
get that on there.’ A little civility goes a long way (in my book). I’m 
quite sick of the mudslinging in this space."

Thanks to everyone who's put the hours in today, to all the coders and 
sysadmins who sweat blood to not only keep OSM running but make it 
easier and faster... and to every single mapper making a map so amazing 
that everyone _wants_ to use it.


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