[OSM-talk] ODbL-clean Coastlines

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Sat Mar 24 11:27:11 GMT 2012

I was just going to suggest this, while it limits you to  CC_by-SA 2.0
as a licence for tiles (or similar), there is no reason that you
couldn't use a pre-licence change coastline for rendering (in the case
of the main OSM site, the tiles are going to remain CC-by-SA 2.0 anyway).


Am 24.03.2012 12:13, schrieb David Groom:
> There is I think one other option.  Since a pretty much error free
> processed_p.shp file will be available just up to the licence switch
> over, then is it not legally possible to continue use this file in
> Mapnik combined with post switch over OSM data to create the maps. 
> The missing coastline in OSM can then be re-mapped on a more leisurely
> basis.
> David

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