[OSM-talk] NOTICE: Upcoming Maintenance - Read Only

Grant Slater openstreetmap at firefishy.com
Wed Mar 28 09:51:46 BST 2012

Between Sunday 1st of April 2012 (no joke) 8:00am (GMT / UTC) and the
morning of the 4th of April 2012 the primary database server will be
switched to read-only mode so that we can bring the new server
(ramoth) onstream, bought thanks to your donations.

Additional schedule details are available here:

When service is resumed, we will begin the license change as a
background process, redacting any data whose authors have not
consented to the new terms. If you have not yet agreed or declined
please log in and do so before the downtime begins. Login issues?
Assistance is available in #osm (irc.oftc.net) on http://irc.osm.org/

The following services WILL be affected:
* www.openstreetmap.org web site will not allow edits (Potlatch or
Potlatch 2). [1]
* Write API (POST / PUT) and map database editing (using JOSM,
Merkaartor etc.) will be unavailable.
* planet.openstreetmap.org will be available but no new diffs will be
generated until the license change is complete.

Other services will NOT be affected - all of the following are
expected to function normally:
* tile serving ("View The Map" & "Export")
* wiki.osm.org
* forum.osm.org (will allow logins)
* trac.osm.org (bug-tracker, logins allowed)
* help.osm.org (will allow logins)
* Nominatim.osm.org (search)
* mailing lists - lists.osm.org
* subversion ( svn.openstreetmap.org ) and git.openstreetmap.org
(source code repositories)
* donate.openstreetmap.org

Technical: pg_dump (smaug) to pg_restore -j x (ramoth). Upgrading from
PostgreSQL 8.4 to PostgreSQL 9.1

1: Maps will still be viewable on the openstreetmap.org homepage and
on other people's websites.

Grant Slater
On behalf of the OpenStreetMap sysadmin team.

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