[OSM-talk] Fun: Collect your favourite mappers

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Fri Oct 12 18:21:08 BST 2012

I've wondered what a baseball card for a mapper would look like, if
mappers had baseball cards.  Now, we do.

I've taken some mapper statistics and added them to a mapper avatar,
then printed them in the format of a baseball card.  Now what?

Collect them all
Trade them with your friends
Play mapping games to compete them with each other [1]
Create mapping teams.[2]

Who knows?!  They're fun!  I've been having fun with these and now you
can too.

I've posted some samples from two of my accounts, and a blank card so
that you can make up cards for all of your favourite mappers.  You'll
also see a sample group of cards for the current OSMF Board.  :-)


I'll make cards for your account(s) by request.  Be sure to upload a
good avatar to your osm profile first.  600x600, ideally.


[1] I had something in mind like Statis Pro, but others have said that
something like the card game "War" or Top Trumps might work.
[2] Crazy idea. Don't do it.

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