[OSM-talk] OpenStreetMap GPS Points Map

Ilya Zverev zverik at textual.ru
Mon Sep 10 10:33:10 BST 2012


As you know, almost half a year ago a GPX Planet was released 
(http://blog.osmfoundation.org/2012/04/01/bulk-gps-point-data/). At the 
time I expressed a hope that someone would process that file, making 
tile layer and regional extracts. Alas, in those months the file has 
only been statistically analyzed (thanks to Pascal Neis and Steven Kay), 
but no practical use for that array of data has been found. Well, as 
they say, OSM is do-ocracy: if you want something, the only way to get 
it is to do it yourself. So, after several weeks of coding and 
impatiently waiting for processing to finish, I present to you:

1) A tile layer of GPS points for the whole world down to zoom 11: 
2) Regional extracts, so you won't have to wait several hours cutting 
your country out of the planet dump: 
3) All tools that were used to build that map and those extracts: 
4) A nice poster with GPS points, some statistics and interesting 

What are uses of this? By this time I found two:

a) Now you can adjust your trip plans to collect GPS tracks where there 
are none in OpenStreetMap database. Sorry, Germany, it's almost 
impossible in your country. But I was surprised to find some untrodden 
secondary and even primary roads in hilly regions not far from my city.

b) The redaction bot has removed not only whole objects, but a lot of 
nodes from inside highways. Overlaying the OSM layer with GPS points map 
makes it very clear where a road deviates from GPS tracks, because the 
bot ate some of its nodes, or because it was straightened by road 
workers, and the mapper who updated it didn't bother to upload a fresh 

And since the GPS tile layer is useful for restoring the road network, 
I've made tiles up to zoom 15 for Poland, with green dots for using in 
JOSM. Just add 
tms[15]:http://zverik.osm.rambler.ru/gps/poland/{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png as a 
TMS layer, and you're good.

I hope to see more uses to the GPX Planet, and to see it updated more 
often. Also, I'd like to remind Ian and Grant about their unfinished 
tool: https://github.com/iandees/planet-gpx-dump/ ;)


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