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Le ven. 28 sept. 2012 08:00 HAEC, Paul Norman a écrit :

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>> Le ven. 28 sept. 2012 02:13 HAEC, Paul Norman a écrit :
>> >
>> >Obviously buildings are part of it, but is there a list of what else?
>> >
>> Hi,
>> I don't think there is a list.
>> the information that you can find are highway references,street
>> names,city boundaries,cemetery boundaries,buildings,house
>> number,hydrographic layer(this one is not really reliable so must be
>> cross check carrefully with other sources),railways.
>> only buildings railways cemetery boundaries and hydrographic shapes are
>> automatically extracted. Other information must be read by contributor
>> in cadastre overlay because automatic solutions are not reliable at the
>> moment
>How do people know what features they can import without going through
>additional consultation as a new import?

sorry this detailled here in section les differents calques 
 and here qu est ce qui est reutilisable

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