[OSM-talk] Making iD the default editor on osm.org - some numbers

SomeoneElse lists at mail.atownsend.org.uk
Tue Aug 20 11:36:33 UTC 2013

Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Hi,
>     it has been proposed to make the newly released iD v1.1 the 
> default editor on openstreetmap.org, meaning that if someone doesn't 
> explicitly chose an editor they will open iD instead of Potlatch.

In an attempt to put some numbers to to the "errors made by new mappers" 
debate, I've done a count-back of new users and editors that they use 
for they area that I keep an eye on in the UK (England and bits of 
Wales, not including bits that I'm unfamiliar with such as London and 
the south-east)

During the last month in this area:

P2  iD  JOSM Other (Wheelmap / Go Map! / POI+)
Made no newbie errors            34  17     3 3
Made at least one newbie error   40  16     1 3
Made more serious errors          5   0     1      0

Where I've noticed that a mapper used both iD and P2 I've counted them 
in both columns.

"Newbie errors" on Potlatch include things like nodes duplicating ways, 
and unjoined ways.

"Newbie errors" on iD include things like unexpected deletions and 
changing "thing X" to be "thing y"when "thing x" still exists.

"More serious errors" are things like doodles (including people trying 
to draw bike routes using MQ's Potlatch), misinterpreting imagery to 
draw roads that don't exist / add roads that aren't there and one of the 
perennial "delete things to make printed map nicer". People who have 
chosen iD or JOSM have chosen a different editor to the default - I 
suspect that the doodlers aren't making errors because they're using 
Potlatch; they're doing it because they don't know what OSM _is_. 
They're the easiest errors to fix, though.

FWIW I've not noticed a greater proportion of messed up relations with 
either P2 or iD.  The area that I'm looking at has less of those than 
e.g. central London, though.  This period largely predates relations in 
the iD UI.


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