[OSM-talk] Annoucement: Poup layer beta reworked

Roland Olbricht roland.olbricht at gmx.de
Mon Aug 26 16:23:08 UTC 2013

Dear all,

the Popup extension for the osm.org main site has just got a major rework. The 
feedback from the previous version has been incorporated and resulted in a 
couple of new features.

I'll introdurce them by example:

Please click on the large building "Kringlan". A blue box and a popup with all 
the named features from the box appears. The page indicator "[1] [2] [3]" at 
the bottom shows that there are more features to explore within the blue box.

Please click on details of "Lyf & heilsa": You will see both a link to the 
website tagged on the element and the adress of the element. The details are 
derived from well-known tags like here the "addr:*" family and "website".

To show further evaluated tags, you can go to page [3] and click "Ísland": You 
will get a "Wikipedia" entry and a list of all known translations. These are 
made from the "name:*" family.

In all cases, you can see all tagged details of an object on the "[tags]" 
switch. If there are multiple objects tagged exactly the same way, then they 
are grouped together. This happens for example on page [2] with the streets 
called "Kringlan".

To allow further inspection of the objects, you can click on each and get the 
respective webpage for the OSM object.

What I would in particular ask you for: A lot of objects still show "Other 
object" or unexpected object classes. This is because the list on
is yet to be completed.

If you find a category that should appear there, please add it to the feedback 



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