[OSM-talk] ImageInOsm: a photomapping mobile application

Gilles Bassière gbassiere at gmail.com
Wed Aug 28 14:58:33 UTC 2013

Hi All,

I'd like to introduce ImageInOsm [1], a photomapping mobile application.

The app is intended for on-the-field users. It is very easy to use (see 
screenshots [1]):
1. the user select an OSM object that he is seeing on the ground
2. he takes a picture of this object
3. the picture is sent to Flickr with the OSM id in the tags

You can already try it:
- for Android, just download and install this test package [2],
- for iOS, we are unforunately not aware of any easy solution to publish 
a test package, you will have to build and install from the source code 
(you will need a Mac with the XCode software).

Compared to traditionnal photomapping process, ImageInOsm promotes 
collaboration. Indeed, the pictures will not remain on a hard/flash 
drive, they will immediately be shared on the Web with metadata allowing 
others to find and use them.

Please note that (as the name does NOT imply) pictures will not be 
stored on any OSM server. Instead, they will be sent to a 3rd-party 
server (Flickr, ...) under your own account. The sole innovation 
consists in linking the picture to the OSM object that it references.

So far, the application only works with Flickr as a backend. The tagging 
convention used makes the pictures compatible with LizPOI [3] and 
OsmFlickr [4]. We hope that one day these pictures will be easily 
available in your editor (a JOSM plugin would do the job but we this is 
not on our roadmap, if anyone is interested).

We are grateful to Jean-Louis Zimmermann from "Ville d'Orange" for 
having initiated and supported this project.

Technically speaking, this app is built upon:
- Cordova 3.0
- JavaScript + BackboneJS
- HTML/CSS + Bootstrap 2.x
Source code is available on Github [5], distributed under the Apache 
license 2.0. Of course, any contribution will be happily received: code, 
documentation, bug report, propositions, etc.

We are aware that the project is not completely mature but the code is 
under active development. We are already planning the following updates:
- support Wikimedia as a picture backend (ongoing development)
- configurable filters for OSM objects so that users can make thematic 
- improve user experience (see issues on GitHub)

[1] http://naturalsolutions.github.io/ImageInOsm/
[2] http://depot.natural-solutions.eu/ImageInOsm/ImageInOsm-0.1.apk
[3] http://lizpoi.3liz.com/demo/index.php/lizpoi/map/?tree_id=1
[5] https://github.com/NaturalSolutions/ImageInOsm/

Best regards

Gilles Bassière

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