[OSM-talk] Recent edits in the wiki / Trademark issue

Simon Poole simon at osmfoundation.org
Fri Feb 1 15:22:24 GMT 2013

Dear OSM Contributors

As you may have noticed we have removed all links displaying the Google
geocoding service from the wiki. These changes are a consequence of a
legal issue with respect to the trademark GEOCODE owned by Geocode, Inc.
of Alexandria, Virginia, USA. There are likely to be further related
edits and changes both on the wiki and the help site. Please do not add
such removed links back or undo any such edits. If you find use of the
term "geocode" on our wiki or help site please replace it with a generic
term (for example "search"), or report it to my e-mail address.

Both the use of the term "geocode" and the use of the Google API are
merely incidental to us. Doing without them does not in any way impact
the core goals or operation of OSM.

Please address any questions on the matter to me by e-mail and not to
the list.

Thank you

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