[OSM-talk] uMap Project 0.2.0

Yohan Boniface yohanboniface at free.fr
Wed Feb 20 18:50:19 UTC 2013

Hi open mappers,

A quick email to notify that I've frozen a 0.2.0 version of uMap.
Demo still at http://umap.fluv.io.

Here are the main changes:

- handle Oauth
- add a control for map settings management (so one can decide either or 
not to allow Marker add, allow Polyline add, display a "search box", etc.)
- default tooltip has now a fixed position
- handle path styling option: so you can choose the color of the path, 
the color of the fill, the width of the path, the opacity, etc.
- add an UI to manage icon style and picto (per category or for a single 
marker): so you can choose the marker form and the symbol to display inside
- add Leaflet.EditInOSM plugin (optional, see map settings to add it)
- add a scale control (idem)
- add an optional minimap, using Leaflet.MiniMap plugin (idem)
- basic short URL management
- move to Leaflet 0.5
- move to Leaflet.draw 0.1.6
- removed jQuery for vanilla JS

Now next active step will be to set up some first production instances. 
One is planned with OpenStreetMap France. But the more, the better (less 
centralization means also less centralization of the costs of FOSS).

How to help?
- test on http://umap.fluv.io and add issues for bugs or enhancements
- add new translations (only French is up to date, Italian and German 
are partly done)
- host an instance
- code (python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS... or other if one wants to create 
his own backend)
- spread the world :)



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