[OSM-talk] additional layers on osm.org

Jason Remillard remillard.jason at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 15:05:50 UTC 2013

Hello Everybody,

We apparently have a lots extra bandwidth and disk space on our US OSM
servers. Requests have gone out asking for ideas. We are also starting
the google summer of code project suggestions.

I wanted to confirm the major reason we only have 4 layers on osm.org,
is a resourcing issue, rather than a political issue. Basically, we do
not have enough disk, cpu, bandwidth, and people to host them in the
UK. So assuming: we can host them on the US OSM servers, the servers
can handle it, and the map quality is good, etc, etc.  Would there be
any problem adding the following map layers to osm.org?

- an overhead image layer + mapnik style. We could reproduce the work
that MapBox did collecting existing images.
- a hiking map, like cycle map, show information posts and route
relations on paths, trails, etc.
- a public transportation map

Perhaps digging deeper,
- Equestrian layer
- Boating/Water recreation layer
- Hunting layer
- ATV layer
- a freshness map, anything older than a year is very dim/missing.
- address map, areas without addresses are marked in ugly bright purple.
- etc

I am sure we could think of many others.

Bottom line, If we build this kind of stuff on the US OSM servers, are
we going to be allowed into osm.org layer menu or not?


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