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Christian Quest cquest at openstreetmap.fr
Tue Jan 1 19:12:58 GMT 2013

After trying to contaminate a couple of friends with the OSM virus,
the biggest problem I think we have comes from the complexity of the
editors (even P2) multiplied by the growing data density.

The growing amount of data makes editing looking more difficult and
newcomers are afraid of breaking existing stuff.

Graphical editors are needed when you create new objects, but with the
growing number of already existing objecs another generation of
editing tools becomes possible.

Look at wheelmap on smartphones. You add details (wheelchair
accessibility and a few others) to existing objects.
It's much much easier to use for a first contact... than using P2 to
add wheelchair access or other details.

I think we need to think of new ways to contribute, with less
graphical editors more in the "cues" approach with some kind of
wizard-like interface. Once contaminated by the OSM virus, graphical
editors will be seen as great tools ;)

I thought of cross checking existing OSM POI in a town with
statistical databases* to say "there is 3 bakeries known in OSM, but
it looks like 2 are missing... would you like to add them ?"
or something as simple as "do you know where you local townhall is
located ? add it"

* in France, we have such a database available from government
statistics agency (INSEE), it lists more than 200 different kinds of
possible POIs on a village by village level (or even lower level in

2013/1/1 Jeff Meyer <jeff at gwhat.org>:
> Russ -
> I agree that rules can be tricky. Would it be possible, to play around with
> the code you've written, to see what results it generates?
> The issue I'm trying to address is this: people who sign up for OSM & then
> make 0 edits. Why? Is it because they cannot find the editor? Is it because
> they don't know what to edit?
> I'm trying to hit the latter question, which is where I think I'm trying to
> do something different from what Robin & Serge discuss - there *are* people
> who don't know what OSM offers them that interests them. They haven't
> decided to go out for a walk yet, they haven't decided they're going to test
> the waters. OSM can be intimidating. How do we make it less so?
> - Jeff
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