[OSM-talk] uMap Project: OSM everywhere

Yohan Boniface yohanboniface at free.fr
Thu Jan 3 21:51:32 GMT 2013


This email for introducing the "uMap project".

TL;DR: http://umap.fluv.io/ (demo site).

The goal of the project is to provide an app for easy creation of slippy 
maps for *non technical* end user, with POI, polygons, etc., and 
embed/share them "all over the Big Internet".

This project comes *without* any hosting service SaaS like: it just 
provides the app and will let interested people host (and customize) 
their own instances.

It's in alpha state, I'm preparing the 0.1 release.

Here are the already covered features:
- create/edit/delete maps
- choose the tile layers
- add/edit/delete Markers, Polyline, Polygon
- manage categories of POIs, to change icon or colors all at once
- import GeoJSON and KML from a file or an URL
- login/logout
- manage permissions (choose who can edit: only owner, selected editors 
or everybody)
- choose icon type
- add pictograms to icons (closed list for now)
- change icon color (from POI itself or for a group of POIs)
- choose the licence of the datas
- manage a caption for the map
- get an iframe to spread the map
- all is i18n compliant

Nice features to add in the future:
- import POIs from XAPI
- upload custom icons
- add download option for getting data in GeoJSON
- better mobile UI
- choose colors from a palette
- ...

About the modules:

* Leaflet-Storage [1]: Leaflet plugin, built on top of Leaflet.Draw et 
Leaflet.Hash, handling all the client (JavaScript) part; it doesn't know 
nothing about the backend, so one can also create a Rails, Node or 
whatever backend
* django-leaflet-storage [2]: Leaflet-Storage backend django powered; 
it's an app, so reusable out the uMap project
* uMap [3]: Django project gluing the previous modules, which goal is 
only to have a plug'n play solution, with some more CSS than the default 
neutral modules

How to help?
- test on http://umap.fluv.io and add issues for bugs or enhancements
- add new translations (only French has been done)
- host an (alpha) instance
- code (python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS... or other if one wants to create 
his own backend) :)

Thanks in advance for feedback and help,

Happy Open 2013!


[1] https://github.com/yohanboniface/Leaflet.Storage
[2] https://github.com/yohanboniface/django-leaflet-storage
[3] https://bitbucket.org/yohanboniface/umap

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