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St Niklaas st.niklaas at live.nl
Sun Jan 6 21:39:59 GMT 2013

Hi Philip,> The problem is with the mapper mixing up linear and polygon features
> on the same osm object. You could tag a way with barrier=hedge and
> then add this way as outer way to a multipolygon relation tagged with
> landuse=farmland. (Strange btw., because how would you then access the
> field? This problem can hardly be found here, most farm- or grassland is surrounded by water. On the other hand, the field might be surrounded by a fence. Sofar I never noticed farmland with landuse grass, tagged with a fence.I know however that its a lot of work when, you start to tag all the waterways between the fields. I would tag a gate since its logic to know the place of the entrances or a stile to leave the field without damaging the fencelines. Another example is a corral that has a fence, but its gets dark after adding the fence to the field, should a corral also get a gate ?Whats the use of the tag fence surrounding farmland ? But if theres a hedge tag it. Im curious whtas gonna be.
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