[OSM-talk] Overlapping ways

SomeoneElse lists at mail.atownsend.org.uk
Thu Jan 10 12:43:47 GMT 2013

Christian Quest wrote:
> I that case nodes are not shared by the ways, but are duplicate (same
> lat/lon) and as Clay mentionned, this will ring some other alarm.. I
> would move one of them a little bit to avoid it.

I can understand why you're saying this, but isn't education of remote 
"fixers" that an alarm isn't necessarily an error the better option 
here?  If we can help them to think a little more, and interact with 
local mappers a little more, then surely that's better for everyone in 
the future? *

The aim of OSM isn't "no errors displayed by QA sites", it's "a map that 
best reflects reality".


* as an aside I'd also suggest the same approach with new mappers - give 
them a bit of time to get the hang of things, then after that try and 
help them with issues that they might be having trouble with, rather 
than just diving in and fixing stuff.

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