[OSM-talk] RFC - OSM contributor mark

Alex Barth alex at mapbox.com
Fri Jan 11 14:26:16 GMT 2013

Over here at MapBox we see a need to better communicate the open and contributory philosophy of OpenStreetMap on our maps. In striving to build a true data commons for contributing and distributing geographic knowledge, OpenStreetMap relies on map users being aware of the openness of its underlying data. At the same time there is room for improvement how we all (the OpenStreetMap community) attribute map data - the ever-expanding range of OSM based maps in the world are an incredible communication channel to talk to individuals who are potential contributors, and encourage them to choose open data or support the OpenStreetMap project in other ways.

## Proposal

Inspired by successful campaigns like "Intel Inside" and "Fair Trade", this RFC proposes an OpenStreetMap contributor mark for use on OpenStreetMap based maps. The goal of the OSM contributor mark is to be adopted by as many OSM data users as possible and on as many OSM based maps as possible, thus creating more awareness of the value of free and open geographic data.

With these goals in mind

- the mark should be compelling and recognizable (i.e. not generic).
- it should work off maps in cases where thumbnail maps need to be attributed e.g. in mobile devices
- the mark should be clearly distinct from common map user interface elements.
- the mark should link to a page on openstreetmap.org that explains the openness of OSM data and its local, community driven nature.

Based on this thinking, we have developed a mark that links to a corresponding page for OpenStreetMap.org. This work is captured in a pull request to openstreetmap.org, but you can review it on the demo instance I will walk through here.

Pull request: https://github.com/openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website/pull/180

### Example usages

Here are some example maps using the OSM contributor mark:


(none of the organizations or individuals used on these examples have officially endorsed this proposal yet, including osm.org).

### Linking back to OSM

The contributor mark on these maps link all back to the same page that should be ultimately hosted on `openstreetmap.org/contributors`:

http://yhahn.github.com/byosm/ (just a demo domain, this should live ideally on `openstreetmap.org/contributors`)

The osm.org/contributors communicates key OpenStreetMap features:

- Powering map data in hundreds of applications
- Local knowledge
- Community driven
- Open data

A "learn more" button invites to explore more.

The main purpose of this page is to feature OpenStreetMap as a community powered project. Hence we worked with pictures of individuals where possible. *We are currently reaching out to photographers and individuals on pictures to get copyright permissions and model releases, if you're on one of these pictures or if you're the photographer of one of these pictures, please get in touch with me.*

### Configurable tiles and wording

By modifying the URL to osm.org/contributors specific tile sets and map providers can be featured, like in this example of a link from a Stamen map:


### Linking back to OSM based services

Organizations who provide OSM based services can choose to set a discreet link from the bottom of osm.org/contributors to their web sites:



### Easy to configure

It's easy to create your own variation of the page by clicking on "add to your map" on the bottom of the page, check it out:


## Next steps

I am pretty excited about this proposal, as it provides a better way to present the virtues of the OSM project. I'm looking forward to everyone's feedback and hope we have something we want to launch together. Please just respond here or grab me on IRC if you'd like to discuss. This campaign can only gain true momentum if we can get as many as possible to join in.

Roughly the next steps are:

- Feedback on this thread
- Adjustments based on feedback
- Ideally: launch on osm.org

A hat tip to Young Hahn who developed the concept and design for this proposal.

-- Alex

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