[OSM-talk] Taginfo News

Jochen Topf jochen at remote.org
Sat Jan 19 15:08:43 GMT 2013

One of the most often requested features for taginfo were statistics about
roles of relation members. These are now available. In fact there is a whole
new section on the site with information about different relation types. You
can see it here: http://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/relations

This includes a cool new chart type that shows you what kind of roles are used
on what types of members in what types of relations. See an example here:

The relation type description and image are taken from the wiki pages of the
form "[LANGUAGE:]Relation:TYPE". I encourage you to improve those wiki pages
to get more information about those relation types.

The search has been extended to also search for roles.

All this information is, of course, also available through the API.

I have also added keyboard shortcuts to many functions of the site, so that
large parts of it are now navigable without the mouse. Click on the new "Help"
link in the bottom right to see what hotkeys there are and try them out.

And, again, there are a lot of cleanups behind the scenes, including an update
of most of the Javascript libraries including the shiny new jQuery 1.9.

All these changes mean that the translations for the user interface are
incomplete. If you can help with translations into any of the existing
languages or any new languages, look at this page and get going:

Jochen Topf  jochen at remote.org  http://www.remote.org/jochen/  +49-721-388298

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