[OSM-talk] POI display on osm.org

Tobias Knerr osm at tobias-knerr.de
Mon Jan 21 10:21:22 GMT 2013

On 21.01.2013 09:37, Roland Olbricht wrote:
> The POI click feature for osm.org now has a public prototype:
> http://overpass.apis.dev.openstreetmap.org/

Let me start this with: Thank you for tackling the issue!

> Before this moves to the main site, I would like to improve the usability as much as possible. So I'm grateful for all feedback.
> Would you like to see something different than the list of tags?

Yes, indeed - from the way I imagined the POI display, it should not
simply be a list of tags, but a human-friendly presentation. This
includes filtering, formatting and translations from tags to human
language and presentation conventions.

So instead of

addr:city: Passau
addr:country: DE
addr:housenumber: 85b
addr:postcode: 94036
addr:street: Neuburger Straße
amenity: restaurant
building: yes
building:colour: white
building:levels: 3
name: PADU
opening_hours: Mo-Th 09:00-19:00;Fr-Sa 09:00-24:00;Su 13:00-18:00
roof:colour: red
roof:ridge:direction: NE
roof:shape: gabled
wikipedia: de:PADU

I would love to see this:

Neuburger Straße 85b, 94036 Passau
Open Mondays 09:00-19:00  //<- click expands opening hours

PADU on Wikipedia  //<- clickable link

Then add a "details" link at the bottom for the raw tag list. (Could
simply be a link to http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/node/12345.)

All this should of course be localized to the user's language, and
easily extended in the future. ;)

Of course we don't have to get all that done at once! Still, from my
point of view, you have done the first part of the task: Getting the
tags out of the data. The second part, that of "rendering" the tags to
something pretty, remains.


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