[OSM-talk] Upgraded map controls

Andrew Errington erringtona at gmail.com
Sat Jul 20 10:06:54 UTC 2013

On Sat, 20 Jul 2013 17:39:18 Richard Fairhurst wrote:
> Andrew Errington wrote:
> > Also, my proposal for including
> > a "markerlink" has not been taken up.
> Yet. Rome wasn't built in a day.
> > I also didn't see any consultation on this topic.  Just another
> > fait accompli.
> Hey Andrew, I noticed you did some edits to the map the other day. That's
> fine, but you didn't give everyone a chance to comment on them before doing
> them. I think some of the tagging you used could have been improved, and
> your geometry is a bit off. Also, that road was arguably a highway=track,
> surface=asphalt, but you tagged it as highway=service. Please make sure to
> carry out full consultation before doing any edits. You just did them as a
> fait accompli and I think that's wrong.
> ...Exactly.

Not entirely.  I do get your point, but if you are not happy with my work then 
feel free to correct it.  It is a do-ocracy after all.  Except for some 
things.  If it really was a do-ocracy I'd turn on the zoom slider and 
implement a markerlink.

> These things are discussed, and discussed openly. It's just that the forum
> for discussion is not the bearpit that is talk@ (with good reason); that,
> pretty obviously, we don't wait to get the approval of every single OSM
> user before deploying; that we sometimes deploy in-progress work rather
> than waiting for every little detail to be fixed; and that we sometimes
> make changes that some people will never like.

We could at least have had an announcement.

> Because otherwise, the site would never change at all, and we'd still be on
> the Java applet (pre-Potlatch 1) with some barely legible white lines on a
> blurry Landsat background. At the same time as you're posting sceptically
> on this list, SteveC is moaning on Twitter about it being too little, too
> late (bit odd that a founding father spends so much time publicly slagging
> off "his" project, but there you go, everyone loves him for it). You simply
> can't keep everyone happy.
> OSM works because we trust that talented people will do amazing things. OSM
> trusts you, as a talented mapper, to make good edits in your area. OSM
> trusts the talented developers and sysadmins to do good things with the
> site and the hardware. Some things will happen which are not 100% to your
> liking. Learn to deal with it.

Don't get me wrong, I am very happy with how OSM is progressing, and I realise 
that such a large project must necessarily move with fits and starts, but I 
reserve the right to state my opinion, positively or negatively.

> Because the alternative is that, every time you make an edit, Andrew, you
> get 30 complaining mails saying "well I'd have done it differently, you
> should have asked me first". The effect is that you give up editing.
> Believe me: I have some pretty obvious first-hand experience of this.

I'd be very happy if someone who knows better would come along and tell me the 
best way to do it.  Until then I'll continue as best I can.

Best wishes,


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