[OSM-talk] In the works: iD 1.1

John Firebaugh john.firebaugh at gmail.com
Wed Jul 31 17:45:38 UTC 2013

Hi folks,

Continuing the experiment that Paul Norman kicked off with announcing
proposed and in progress development, I'd like to announce that iD 1.1 is
nearing release. I've just tagged 1.1.0rc1, and you can give it a spin here:


This release focuses on relation editing support and performance
improvements. The relations that each feature is a member of are displayed
in the sidebar, and when a relation itself is selected, it's members are
displayed. You can also search for relations via a new search interface,
add and remove memberships, and create new relations.

We made performance improvements across the board, focusing on load time
and editing performance in dense areas. For example, while iD 1.0.1 on
Firefox takes 50 seconds to load a dense area like
iD 1.1 loads it in 20 seconds. In some cases, improvements were limited by
native browser performance bottlenecks, but we are seeing some progress by
browser developers in eliminating these as well.

A detailed changelog is available here:


As always, the best place for feedback and bug reports is the iD project on


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