[OSM-talk] Videos of State of the Map US are up!

Alex Barth alex at openstreetmap.us
Wed Jun 12 01:20:52 UTC 2013

We have just finished video uploads from this weekend’s State of the Map US
sessions. This year we've made an effort to have solid video streaming and
recording with the intention to connect more people around the ideas shared
at the conference.

If you couldn’t make it to San Francisco or if you missed a particular
session, catch up on the State of the Map US 2013 session video page or
find videos linked directly from the conference schedule.


We're also hoping that if you're a speaker we could do you a service by
having a video of your talk. The sessions were amazing, a big thank you to
everyone who took the time to create a presentation. I'd like to encourage
everyone to share their videos in their own blog post / tweets / mails to
friends to just further spread these ideas.

Let's use these conferences to get together and talk more with each other /
write more code with each other and more. There's tons of stuff to be
figured out in OpenStreetMap.

I walk away inspired. Thank you for everyone coming out.

Alex Barth
OpenStreetMap United States Inc.
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