[OSM-talk] Updated Geofabrik Download Server

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Mar 11 10:11:58 UTC 2013


    I've made some updates to the download server at 
download.geofabrik.de. You'll now get a map preview of the are you're 
downloading, and if you have a very slow internet connection you will 
value the fact that you can now expliticly download something like 
europe-130310.osm.pbf instead of always using "-latest" - that way you 
can be sure the file won't be removed from under your feet while you're 
downloading it.

MD5 sums are now supported, as are regional daily diffs - it should now 
be very easy to keep an updated extract for your region of interest 
using just Osmosis and minimal daily downloads.

The URLs have changed slightly but redirects are in place so that old 
links should still work:

* leading /openstreetmap/ has gone
* "-latest" introduced before file extension
* underscores replaced by hyphens

i.e. instead of


it is now



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