[OSM-talk] uMap 0.3.0 released

Yohan Boniface yohanboniface at free.fr
Thu May 30 09:58:11 UTC 2013

Hi open world family,

I've frozen a 0.3.0 version of uMap [1] (including new versions of the 
Leaflet plugin [2] and the Django app [3]).

Here are the main entries of the changelog:

* possibility to create map without being authenticated

This option has to be activated per uMap instance (at the moment, it's 
active on http://umap.fluv.io but not on http://umap.openstreetmap.fr 
for example).
Once the map created "anonymously", a cookie allow the owner to edit it 
later, and a "secret edit URL" is provided, that allow to enter the edit 
mode again, from another computer or if the cookie is lost

* first version of an export data possibility ; for now, only GeoJSON is 

* first version of import from CSV

* autocompletion for managing map editors
* possibility to display map caption on load
* possibility to import from a copy/paste in a textarea
* Update to Leaflet 0.6 and Leaflet.draw 0.2
* Update to Django 1.5
* Portuguese translation (thanks to @FranciscoDS)
* new custom icons
* localization of URLs
* partial Spanish and Dutch translations
* bug fixes as usual (title too longs creating a buggy slug; category 
colors not displayed in caption/credit box; managing color buggy in 
Chrome on windows...)

Current known public instances:
- http://umap.fluv.io (demo site, not backuped, use it for testing)
- http://umap.openstreetmap.fr (backuped, feel free to use it for 
production needs)
- http://umap.openstreetmap.org.ar (still in 0.2.0 at the moment)

If you plan to set up an instance, feel free to ask for help, I will 
provide it with pleasure :)

As always:
- feedback welcome
- feature requests welcome
- pull requests welcome
- translations welcome
- new instances welcome (the more instances, the less centralization, 
the better)

Thanks for your feedback,


[1] https://bitbucket.org/yohanboniface/umap
[2] https://github.com/yohanboniface/Leaflet.Storage
[3] https://github.com/yohanboniface/django-leaflet-storage

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