[OSM-talk] Starting quality study around french OSM administrative boundaries

Christian Quest cquest at openstreetmap.fr
Thu Nov 21 11:22:22 UTC 2013

Tracing France administrative boundaries is a tedious work that took
several years as France has 36000+ municipalities which is around 40% of
all Europe municipalities !

In 2011, then in mid-2013, IGN (french geographic national authority)
published 2 datasets in opendata, GEOFLA and Route500, but these data are
simplified with a much lower level of details compared to OSM goals.

So, the only authorized and good enough source for that job is the french

As we're getting close to 100% completeness of french administrative
boundaries, it is time to study their quality. Without freely available
reference data, an exhaustive study is not possible, but let's try with
what we have.

GEOFLA and Route500 contain simplified administrative boundaries, but it
seems that the crossing nodes have been more or less maintained very close
to their original location.

So I've tried to do some comparison on these crossing nodes between OSM and
Route500 (less simplified that GEOFLA).

More to read (fancy postgis queries) and see (shiny colored overlays) on

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