[OSM-talk] Welcome box on the new map page

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Sat Nov 30 18:50:18 UTC 2013

Simon Poole wrote:
> Lester
> Isn't
> a) the welcome box
> and
> b) the Learn more/About page
> a -lot- better on explaining what OSM is about than anything you could
> find within one click (if at all) on the old site?
> I really fail to see what you believe was better about the old layout,
> maybe if you could give an example?

If you simply remove the welcome box, then the page looks very much as if one is 
already logged into something? Most of the dropdowns make no sense UNTIL one has 
an account and are logged in? What is 'export' intended to do? I just get a 
white screen when I click the button.

The 'about' page seems like a waste of space? The fact that 75% of my screen is 
grey was the first put off, but I could not find links that took me to anything 
usable from that page. It NEEDS to take you on to somewhere that is a little 
more useful? Also the help button is equally obscure? The help list is not the 
easiest to understand, only wiki gives a feeling of something helpful, which is 
why I've defaulted links to that rather than the map.

The 'improved' page is ideal as a general interface to editing the map, but what 
is needed is a 'community' page - which the old page provided! - at least there 
was some direction to other areas rather than having to search for any usable 
links! While the old setup was messy, it did it's job reasonably well, and we 
STILL need that type of page, with improvements which the new setup totally 
ignores! We need links to LOCAL community pages and LOCAL support and that is 
what the 'about' box should be doing at the very least!

At least the old page was 'functional' even if it was not 'elegant' ... looking 
at the way 'Google maps' work, bringing back a right hand area which can be 
hidden is probably what is required but what is currently provided is not doing 
the job as far as I am concerned. What we have now is not usable as advertsing 
for OSM, which is what all the 'View larger map' links are designed to access?

> Am 30.11.2013 15:41, schrieb Lester Caine:
>> Rob Nickerson wrote:
>>> Hi Lester,
>>> If you are after a full screen map for your website, it is very easy
>>> to create
>>> one with a simple html page that links to Leaflet (the tool for
>>> providing pan
>>> and zoom, etc) and the tiles server at OSM. I've attached something I
>>> was able
>>> to get up and running quite quickly. My web developer skills are near
>>> zero :-)
>> You are missing the point Rob ...
>> People are used to clicking on 'View larger map' and getting to Google
>> Maps. The OLD website while not the prettiest was more in the style of
>> what people are used to getting. I want to promote OSM and so I need
>> something that is on the OSM side that is uasable. I've just switched
>> all of the promotional links from openstreetmap.org to
>> wiki.openstreetmap.org as THAT is a lot more informative than where
>> people are ending currently!
>> The new front end has a place, but THAT is probably at
>> map.openstreetmap.org rather than the main front page. Even if I was
>> seaching for OSM cold I think I'd feel 'What the f**k' when confronted
>> simply with a map and a few strange links. Being forced to log in just
>> to get to something usable information wise is just not right. None of
>> the first clicks give any sensible support for a new user even if they
>> ARE looking for contributing.
>> If OSM is not going to provide a usable set of pages, then I will roll
>> my own. I do already have that running, but it's OSM's site that needs
>> to be linked to directly to promote it!

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