[OSM-talk] Deleting data

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Oct 19 08:55:16 UTC 2013


On 10/19/2013 07:05 AM, Russ Nelson wrote:
> This is wrong, and it's got to stop. Nobody should be deleting data
> that somebody else entered unless they have actually BEEN to the
> place, failed to see any trace of the mapped entity, and are an expert
> at identifying the mapped entity.

I've recently deleted a large multipolygon that was tagged 
"timezone=GMT+1" or someting like that. I admit that I haven't actually 
gone there to check ;)

> Apparently some people object to seeing things in their editor which
> they can't see on the aerial photograph.

I think that is the core of the problem. For many, the visual power of 
the aerial imagery is so strong that any data not matching the imagery 
is deemed wrong.

If we had perfect "source" tagging, then it would be possible for an 
editor to show cues: "The data you're seeing comes from a different 
source than the background image you're using" or so. We're not there 
yet but it is not impossible.

> We need to make sure that the Wikipedia deletionism doesn't take hold
> within OSM.

I have a feeling you might be mixing up various kinds of delete activity.

The one where someone judges according to old aerial imagery is 
essentially: "This feature makes sense in OSM but I doubt it is actually 
there in reality because I can't see it on the image therefore I'll 
delete it". This kind of delete activity comes down to a lack of 

The Wikipedia-deletionism-kind would be more like "No matter whether 
this feature is there in reality or not, it makes no sense in OSM 
therefore I'll delete it". This will be more difficult - it comes not 
from lack of information, but from stubbornness.


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