[OSM-talk] Timezones (was: Deleting data)

Philip Barnes phil at trigpoint.me.uk
Sat Oct 19 11:29:40 UTC 2013

On Sat, 2013-10-19 at 12:04 +0200, moltonel 3x Combo wrote:

> Actually, I always wondered why timezones were kept out of OSM. I know
> DST complicates tagging (it'll be the first thing I abolish when I
> become World Dictator), but it seem like a very usefull "political"
> boundary that I'd like to have in OSM. Appart from classroom use, I'd
> love to replace the unwieldy timezone selector of many programs with a
> clickable map generated from OSM. So, do timezones really "make no
> sense in OSM" ?
(The OSM bit)
I see no reason not to have timezone data, it is always going to follow
a political boundary, which we already have. I am slightly confused by
the idea put forward by Colin, that it can be a lower level than state
or national.

GMT was invented by the railways, until then every town and city had its
own time.

(The not OSM bit)
Daylight saving is a fantastic thing, in mid summer daylight at 4am is
not much use to most people, but daylight at 10pm is very nice.

As you move into autumn (fall to the Americans) it is nice not to be
coming home from work in the dark. Next week DST ends and straight away
it will be dark at home time, not much you can do about it, days are
short. But in spring and autumn, it extends the useable day and makes
life better.

Phil (trigpoint)

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